Chemistro was a supervillain on the team The destroyers against the avengers and the fantastic four.

Chemistro was once a biogolist until he found a gun that could destroy anything.

He once attacked jane foster with the wrecking crew but was captured by thor and sent to the vault. After he brokeout of jail and teamed up with the absorbing man to attack Thor. They failed though he found the living laser and helped him form a team called the destroyers including

himself,the living laser,crimson dynamo,whiplash,blizzard,red ghost,griffin and mandrill. Theyve encounted the avengers and the fantastic four various times.

During the civil war he allied with the fantastic four and helped arrest rogue heroes. During the secret invasion he helped the avengers fight a branch of skrulls. During the alien invasion{world war 3} he joined the thunderbolts. During H vs. V he allied with the masters of evil and was captiured by luke cage. He has recently broken out if prison and rejoined the destroyers.POWERS:

has a gun that can destroy anything


real name: collin ashuimir

height: 5 ft. 10 inch

weight: 175 lbs.